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ONLINE MERCHANT Although it's difficult to find this software
(probably only at clearance places
like PC Connection and ebay, etc.)
and it is no longer supported,
it's still a good shopping cart
and we will guarantee that it will work
on Hosting Masters sites.

Other good choices:
- Miva Merchant
- ClickCartPro

" might be the first step on the road to online riches." PC Magazine

Introducing Online Merchant, a powerful, yet easy to use software tool that allows businesses to establish an Internet store, without the hassle and expense of traditional e-commerce solutions. Now, anyone with products to sell can quickly and easily set up shop on a web site hosted by us without any knowledge of the Internet or HTML programming.

Looking for an easy way to add a shopping cart to your site? Look no further - Internet World rated Online Merchant the simplest way to setup an electronic storefront. Online Merchant gives you a simple and inexpensive way to profit from the migration toward Internet commerce.

"I have been working with my previous ISP for several weeks trying to get my Online Merchant store up and running. I was getting nowhere with the ISP, just a lot of finger pointing. I signed up for your service last night and in my e-mail this morning was everything I needed to get up and running on your system. I had the home page up in five minutes. Ten minutes later the store was up and running flawlessly! Thanks, you have saved my life."
- Ron Needham, Webmaster of Inweld Corp

"I too had a hard time getting OLM going... but I am in transition to using and it looks like a miracle is about to happen... Honestly, I was ready to give up and now I believe I will have my business on-line with a secure server that gives great support!"
- Betty Bickford, Webmaster of Wildwood Embroidery

If you seek a more flexible, more feature-rich e-commerce solution, consider Miva Merchant or ClickCartPro.

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