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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I create email aliases, and how do I forward (redirect) them?

    A redirect is a method to forward mail to a POP account either on our servers or any valid POP account hosted anywhere. This makes the name a valid POP name to your domain and forwards emails to the desired real POP account.

    All email addresses you make up will be delivered into your email box by default, there is no limit to the number of email aliases you can use.

    The easiest way to setup email redirects is by using the "Email Forwarding" feature of your SiteMadeEasy Web Control Panel in

    Email Forwarding is used to forward email from one address to another. For example, you might have automatically forwarded to your sales person's personal email address, and forwarded to your support person's personal email address, and so on. You may also have forwarding set up to send email to more than one address. For example, you may have all email addressed to forwarded to all of the members of your support staff. With your SiteMadeEasy Web Control Panel, setting up your email forwardings is as simple as filling in the blanks. Once you've logged into your SiteMadeEasy Web Control Panel, select Email Forwarding from the panel menu.

    • Address: Enter the name or title portion of the address only. For example: sales or info
    • Forward To: Enter the FULL valid email address that you want the email forwarded to. For example: (Type carefully. If you make an error the email will be forwarded to an incorrect email address). Also Forward To: If applicable, enter the FULL valid email address of others you want this email to go to. For example:
    • Edit: To edit your existing redirects, simply change the information in the entry fields.
    • Add/Edit Redirects: You MUST click this button to save your changes.
    Things to know:
    • Changes may take up to an hour to take effect.
    • If you remove the default email redirect, email will only be redirected to the specific email addresses listed. For example, if an email is sent to and you have not listed "help" as an alias, the email will not be redirected (it will bounce). When you log into your POP account(s) you will retrieve only email sent precisely to that address - email sent to other addresses at your domain will bounce back to the sender as undeliverable. This can be an effective strategy to reduce unsolicited email (spam).

    Updated: 03/02/03

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    There is also an extensive online manual available.   888-404-HOST (toll-free US/PR/VI/GU), 706-897-4743