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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do the terms in Wusage refer to?

    Below is a list of key references in wusage and their meaning.

    • agents: An "agent", or user agent, is a web browser or other program used to access your web server. Most user agents are web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, but a significant number are automated Internet-indexing programs, such as Altavista.
    • bytes: A "byte" is a single character of information. In the reports generated by Wusage, the "bytes transferred" figure refers to the number of characters of information that were sent to the browser. This is helpful in determining how much of the web server's connection to the Internet (how much bandwidth) is currently in use. It is especially useful to site administrators who pay for bandwidth by the megabyte or gigabyte on a regular basis.
    • trail: A "trail" is a unique path among the documents on the web server, followed by one or more visitors to the web server. Every visit to the web server follows a trail. Commonly followed trails represent useful information about the preferred routes that your visitors follow.
    • visit: A "visit" consists of one or more accesses made by the same visitor, with no more than a certain time interval between accesses.

    Updated: 06/19/03

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