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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • 8 - CGI-Scripts and Programing Languages

    Questions about using Perl, PHP, C, C++, mySQL, ...

    1. What Perl Modules are supported?
    2. How do I execute PHP scripts?
    3. What is the current version of PHP offered to clients?
    4. Can I run scripts outside of my cgi-bin?
    5. How should I set my file permissions on cgi-scripts?
    6. Why does my script produce an ISE (Internal Server Error)?
    7. What is the correct path to perl (and other programs)?
    8. Do you upgrade Perl when new releases are available?
    9. What USERID do my PHP scripts run under?
    10. What is PHP4?
    11. How do I install PHP on my domain?
    12. What version of Perl is installed?
    13. Can I compile programs written in C and C++?
    14. Do you support w3-msql?
    15. Can I use ODBC with mySQL?
    16. How do I connect to mySQL using mySQLPerl Module?
    17. Can I use JDBC with MySQL?
    18. How many databases can I create?
    19. How do I connect to mySQL through PHP?
    20. What are the Telnet commands to access mySQL?

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