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Search Engine Promotion

Web site promotion can be a challenge. A myriad of web site promotion strategies are in use and different approaches to promoting have different rates of success for different types of sites. The one form of web site promotion that is universally effective is to submit your web site to search engines.

The vast majority of your traffic will come from the top search engines. Below are links to the submission screens for what were (as of July 2004) the top search engines that accept free submissions in terms of the traffic they send to other web sites. You may use these links to manually submit your site for FREE to these by simply clicking on these links to go directly to their submission screens.


  • All The Web
  • AltaVista
  • DMOZ (must locate best category and submit from there)
  • Google
  • Inktomi
  • Yahoo (must locate best category and click on Add Url, only non-commercial sites are free now)


  • Alexa
  • Jayde
  • National Directory
  • What-U-Seek

    We recommend Traffic Seeker to help you with your web site promotion, it automates submitting your pages to many search engines.
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    We also recommend Keyword Spinner to help you optimize your relevant keyword placement and improve your search engine postition.

    How long before my web site is listed on the search engines, directories, and indexes?

    Some search engines, including Yahoo, can take up to 4-8 weeks to review and include your site.

    How do I indicate what description I want to show up in the search engines?

    No! Some sites extract the description from your site. Most look for META tags in your pages to control what is displayed by the search engines. For example:

    <TITLE>Vipassana Information and Links to Vipassana Sites</TITLE>
    <meta name="keywords"
    content="Vipassana meditation,enlightenment,peace,calmness,serenity,meditation,awareness,buddhism">
    CONTENT="Lots of links and information about Vipassana meditation, one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation.">

    What guarantee do I have that my site will be entered into the search engines?

    None. Sometimes you have to submit your site several times before it gets listed. Avoid submitting more than once per week or your site may be classified as spamming a search engine.

    What is the best value in web site hosting?

    Hosting Masters, of course! Huge set of features, space and traffic for a low price.