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For Website Development & Promotion

We recommend these tools to help you with website development and promotion.

Fairly essential
WS_FTP The fastest, most powerful Windows file transfer client available.
If you will use FTP to manage your site, we believe that this one is the simplest and most powerful FTP tool.
WebPosition The absolute only "must have" tool for all web site developers, it improves your search engine positioning and results in more traffic to your site.

Perhaps also of interest

(Online Credit Card Processing)

If you want to be able to do automated real-time credit card processing on your web site, we strongly recommend that you go with AuthorizeNet - they are the largest, have the best support, have been around a long time, and have a huge base of satisfied customers. Going with them will cause you the least aggravation and be the best value.
Miva Merchant An excellent way to create a professional online store. With this browser-based e-commerce development tool you can easily build a store with cataloging, product maintenance, category management, shopping basket, order and credit card processing, etc. Easily add it to any site hosted with us for a low monthly fee.
ClickCartPro Another excellent world-class shopping cart is ClickCartPro, which has only a one-time licensing fee, no monthly charges (it ends up costing less than Miva within one year and is free thereafter. It is easy to administer and use, and interfaces to many online payment processing systems (including PayPal and AuthorizeNet).
Traffic Seeker Quickly submit your pages to hundreds of thousands of search engines, indicies, etc...
Keyword Spinner A tool to help you improve your keyword placement on search engines and drive more traffic to your site.
webROCKET A powerful, easy-to-use program which boosts your Internet connection speed by up to 200%.
E-Gold Accept E-gold on your site and attract new customers that prefer to pay with a gold-backed electronic currency.   888-404-HOST (toll-free US/PR/VI/GU), 706-897-4743