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Site Cancellation

Use this form to cancel hosting service. You will be emailed a cancellation confirmation immediately, service will be cancelled and no further charges will be posted for this site.

If you're canceling because of cost, note that we now have hosting plans as low as $8/month.
All you need to do is tell us to downgrade your site to a lower cost plan.

If you're planning to move your site to another server, we urge you to test performance before deciding.
The major distinguishing characteristic among hosting services is performance and reliability.
You should know what performance to expect before deciding somewhere else is "better".

NetMechanic offers a FREE web site performance test, you can use it to run side-by-side tests
of your current site and where you're planning to move (more information and sample results).

To test the performance of a web site:

  • Go to NetMechanic's Server Check
  • Fill in the URL of the site and your email address, then hit Go.

    You will have test results emailed to you after 8 hours.

  • Your Email Address (required):
    Domain name (required)

    To verify your authorization, identify the last four digits of one of the following (required):
    Credit Card Number,
    Checking Account Number,
    or Reseller Password:

    We would appreciate knowing your reason for cancellation:

    Note: your site will be cancelled upon receipt of this request.
    No further renewals of service will be charged to your card
    (any outstanding charges such as for extra traffic or remaining months on a 4-month minimum Miva license would still be charged).

    If you wish to cancel at the end of your billing cycle, wait until the day before your site renews to submit this form.
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    The code consists of uppercase letters and digits.