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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • 5 - Setting Up and Using Your Site

    Questions about how to setup and use email, CGI programs we provide, and other features of your site.

    1. What are all the files and directories in my home directory?
    2. How do I run my own CGI programs?
    3. How do I use cgiemail and Formmail?
    4. How do I use anonymous FTP?
    5. How do I create email aliases, and how do I forward (redirect) them?
    6. How do I use the infobots (autoresponders)?
    7. How do I see who is using my infobots?
    8. How do I create a Majordomo mailing list?
    9. How do I use Real Audio and Real Video?
    10. How do I change my login password?
    11. How do I check the web usage stats for my domain?
    12. How do I access my mailboxes to check my email?
    13. What is the correct path to perl (and other programs)?
    14. How do I create my own "404 Not found" error page?
    15. How do I use the secure server (SSL) for my order form?
    16. How do I create mailing lists?
    17. How do I use the single-page shopping cart you provide?
    18. What are the basic FrontPage settings?
    19. How do I setup access to an SQL database?
    20. How do I set up password protected directories?
    21. How do I see how much disk space I'm using?
    22. How do I cancel service?
    23. How do I set permissions on files and directories?
    24. How do I setup my POP3 email boxes?
    25. How can I get more traffic coming to my site without spending a lot of money?
    26. How do I see errors generated by my CGI scripts?
    27. Why would I get the error: User exists. Choose another username?
    28. How do I Set-up Subscribable Mail Lists?
    29. What can I do if my domain is getting a lot of Junk Email?
    30. How do I get copies of email which was sent to my Autoresponders?
    31. I can't send email through my domain, what is causing the problem?
    32. How do I establish a telnet connection?
    33. How do I access my email from a web browser?
    34. How do I setup an autoresponder for email while I'm on vacation?
    35. How do I arrange real-time credit card processing for my site?

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    There is also an extensive online manual available.   888-404-HOST (toll-free US/PR/VI/GU), 706-897-4743